PINNACLE PROXON 47 QT / 45 LITRE COOLER BOX WITH WHEELS - keeps cold up to 100 hours

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PINNACLE PROXON 47 QT / 45 LITRE COOLER BOX WITH WHEELS - keeps cold up to 100 hours

  • $168.00

Are you an outdoor or road trip lover? There is always a question of how to store your food and beverages when going camping, fishing, or traveling on a hot summer day. The ice cooler is designed to store your food, fruits, vegetables, bottles. The cooler has wheels and (buy from davvader) a valve for condensate removal. On the sides, there are handles for easy carrying. This cooler is perfect for large companies who love spending time and having fun together in summer. Keep the ice chest outdoor or in the car. Take it to the beach or when you travel by car and do not spend money on food or cold drinks. The cooler is roomy and provides an efficient use of interior space. It is great and useful, and can also be an excellent present for an outdoor lover.

  • Keep cool up to 60 hrs
  • Insulated body with 20 mm polyurethane foam keeps food and drinks cold longer
  • Swing-up handle with soft grip for comfortable lifting
  • Dry lid storage compartment for personal accessories
  • Tough, impact resistant exterior & can use as chair
  • BPA free


Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 59 x 37.5 x 43 cm

Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 6.45 Kilograms

Capacity: This Ice box is large enough to comfortably hold 66 cans

Features:Two way Handle with Rubber grip for Easy lifting

Hands Free Lid Sturdy Grip Wheel

Inbuilt Accessories Box

Soft Grip Handles

Thick Polyurethane Insulation

Keeps food & drink, cold & fresh

Ideal for beach parties, camping, BBQ, outdoor living, sports etc

Trendy look with Vibrant Fresh Colors

Huge capacity

Tough Impact resistance exterior

Convenient seat over

Strong Drainage tap

One large handle to easy & light pull to cooler box for rolling wheels

Unique exterior rubber design with double molding

Fits up to 1.5 ltr . bottle in cooler box

Easy to clean interiors & exterior body & easy to clean drainage tap

Easy Drainage Tough Impact resistance exterior



How to Keep Your Food and Drinks Cold for Longer

Pre-chill the food and drinks you plan on packing.

Fill the cooler to the top with food and drinks.

Freeze bottled water to store in empty spaces.

Store your cooler out of the sun.

Put the ice in last.

Pack all the essentials on top.

Keep the lid closed.